We would suggest at least five photos covering all angles (front, back, both sides and underneath) however the more photos we have, the more accurate we can make the model.
We normally ask for 2 weeks to create and deliver your model, the modelling process can take up to 11 hours to complete (depending on the complexity of the model in question, we hen need to print and post-process.
The size of model is entirely your choice and we will price accordingly however, for ease, we have suggested 3 different sizes, 4″, 6.5″ and 9″
Although we will try our utmost to ensure a good likeness of your model, this often depends on the number, quality and accuracy of the photos provided. the texture is taken directly from the photographs which will, in all cases include shadowing etc. and will vary due to light conditions.we will offer you the chance to view the design of your model before going to print however, it must be understood that this is a printed model and may not therefore capture every unique quality of your pet. we cannot change, replace or refund any model once printed.
There is no limit to the pets that can be printed and we have produced such animals as horses, cats, dogs, parrots etc.

If you have further questions or would like to speak with us directly, feel free to contact us.