Small 4” Model

  • Base and name plate included

Medium 6.5” Model

  • Base and name plate included

Large 9” Model

  • Base and name plate included

Custom Model

  • Base and name plate included


Getting started with your Warm Reflections 3D pet model couldn’t be simpler. Just follow these four steps.

1. Choose model

Getting started with your model is simple. Once you’ve chosen and ordered your model, simply upload the files that best depict your pet along with your contact details. If you cannot upload these photos, then let us know and you can post them to us.

We’ll then be in touch to discuss the finer details and answer any questions you may have, before we start.

2. Upload / Send photos

We begin by capturing your pet’s personality through photographs supplied by you. We suggest you send us at least 10 images that show us the colouring, shape and features from as many angles as possible – front, both sides, top and bottom. Especially important are good pictures of your pet’s face and eyes. Also, if your pet has a particularly endearing physical characteristic, tell us about it and we’ll try and incorporate it in your model.

Send us as many pictures as you can. The more we see, the more we’ll understand your pet’s movement and behaviours. Don’t worry – you can’t send us too many pictures and, if you send hard copies, we’ll return them to you.

3. Unique features

We will ask you a series of questions so that we can capture the true personality of your pet.

If there is a particular feature that you feel is important, make sure that you have good photographs covering this area. Remember, if it is not on the photograph, we don’t know about it. Please also remember that we cannot see depth from one photo, so by capturing photos from different angles we can understand how your pet looks.

4. Create and review

When we have received your pictures, we look at them to make sure that we have enough images to create your pet in three dimensions. If we need more photos, we will contact you should we have any queries on the photos. Based on the photos, our design team create a 3D computer model of your cherished companion.

Our modelling team has a unique combination of skills in computer modelling, artistic ability to turn the images into a 3D file. These images are reviewed by our control team to make sure that the model is as accurate as possible from the photos provided.

Areas like hair is particularly difficult to get right, but our specialist artists will get the best model for you. Please be aware that our material needs to have a minimum thickness, so we won’t be able to print every individual whisker,